Thursday, January 07, 2010

Making a Spectacle of myself

I thought Mary-Louise Parker did alright job turning the tables on Elvis Costello, right up until she closed her eyes while Costello crooned "Town Cryer," at which point Diana Krall took her off their Christmas card list.

Like I said a couple days ago, there's just been too much Costello this season, so this oddly felt like a normal episode, except Elvis did all the singing. While Parker was fine asking questions, Costello stepped on her toes often, cutting her off and directing the conversation to where he wanted it to go. Would've liked it more if Parker held his feet to the fire, or at least pushed for more on songwriting with Macca or more on the differences of parenting back then and now, or just about anything. But it's Costello's show, so...

Playlist: Spectacle - Episode 2.04 (Elvis Costello)
1. "(I Don't to Go to) Chelsea"
2. "Motel Matches" (written with George Jones in mind)
3. "Town Cryer"
4. "Brilliant Mistake"
5. "So Like Candy" (written with Paul McCartney)
6. "I Still Have That Other Girl"
7. "I Threw It All Away" (Bob Dylan cover)

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