Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Chuck, Lost, Obama and the Culture of Now

While it's not the first time rabid fans of a show threw their remotes at the screen in unwarranted disgust, this week seemed different for some reason.

First came the so-dubbed Chuckpocalypse, where the Chuck and Sarah got cozy at the end with others. It's obvious a set-up for Chuck and Sarah to realize they still love each other, but the NOW crazies went to the message boards and comments (Sepinwall's post), so much so that it even generated commentary from creator & showrunner (Chris Fedak & Josh Schwartz).

Meanwhile, this week's episode of Lost was clearly a plot mover, setting up things to come, but since this is the final season, and season five (and first two eps this season) were so good, fans accused it of filler. Cries of "Nikki and Paula" along with "Stranger in a Strange Land" (the two worst things about Lost - season 3) were heard loudly, even as unfounded as they were.

Besides being fans complaining about their favorite show, these reactions have one thing in common: an utter lack of patience and/or faith in the writers of respective series. It reminds me of the overreaction going on right now politically to President Obama's performance thus far. Please everyone, take a deep breath and watch it unfold. There is a plan.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 3.07
1. "Can't Stop Feeling" - Franz Ferdinand
2. "Let's All Die" - Jack Penate
3. "Astair" - Matt Costa

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