Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Chuck vs the American Hero: Time to Order more $5 Footlongs?

Prior to NBC's Jaypocalypse and the resulting extra six-episode pickup for Chuck, "Versus the American Hero" was set to be the penultimate episode for season three, setting up a finale. Knowing that, the stakes should've been higher, I think, and it just didn't feel like a series heading to a season finale. Neither does it look like it in the ratings, where, even against reruns of HIMYM and House, the series is not performing well -- even against NBC's very low bar.

Does this mean folks need to start eating Subway again? That won't work twice, just ask Jericho. No, we just need the series to get back on track, pronto. Right now there are too many plot constructs leading us on, like Sarah's requirement that Chuck not be capable of killing someone, even in self-defense, while not having an issue with dating Shaw. And don't get me started on Shaw -- even more than Bryce, this character's purpose is as an obstacle, and now with the revelation of who killed his wife, his storyline is even more laughable.

Musically, there was only The Temper Trap's "Down River", which had some interesting lyrics to back Chuck laying it all on the line for Sarah:
I, don't, understand / How this world will work
Cause time will tell us nothing / I'll take a chance on something
Chuck - Episode 3.11
1. "Down River" - The Temper Trap

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