Monday, March 22, 2010

Chuck vs the Final Exam: The Naked Spy

The continued 'changed man' theme continues with "Final Exam," with Chuck at the precipice of spyhood, and Casey changing under the tutelage of Big Mike-ness.

Something about this episode felt like a betrayal, like machines are in motion to make sure that Chuck and Sarah have further 'trials' before finally getting together. For three seasons now, it's worked like clockwork. Chuck gets close to Sarah and something stops them before words and/or action occurs. Then a bigger obstacle is thrown in their path. Rinse and repeat. At this point, I could care less if they get together, I'm just annoyed that we're expected to keep caring when 'Lucy's got the football' ("poor, Chuck" as Peppermint Patty might say).

There were some odd homages thrown into the mix, like the Eastern Promises reference (fighting in a steam room with Russian gangsters and their tats), and the odd Rocky IV villain toss in reference that even offended Chuck ("Ivan Drago? Seriously?").

Musically, Rogue Wave gets mentioned for a second time in 24 hours (on Fallon tonight). That's it, though... just a mention. Read earlier piece if you want more... sheez!
Hunter Perry

Chuck - Episode 3.11
1. "Private Eyes" - Hall & Oates
2. "Permalight" - Rogue Wave
3. "In My Sleep" - Austin Hartley-Leonard

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