Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Lost "Ab Aeterno" - I see your Black Rock and raise you a white one

Mind officially mushy.

More later, but:
1) Loved the white rock point score was resulted from the "Black Rock." The boat's name was probably a big reason why Jacob chose that boat.

2) The Island as the cork in a bottle preventing evil to spread is brilliant. The Man in Black has been plotting escape for a loooooong time.

3. Was interested in revisiting Luke 4:37, which Richard (Ricardis) had open while hoping for absolution (and awaiting execution). The passage in the Bible shown is the Gospel of Luke, chapter 4, verse 37, which occurs shortly after Jesus has returned from being tempted by the devil in the desert, and then performs a sort of exorcism on a man, not unlike Jacob does removing the Man in Black's sway over Ricardis. Then word of Jesus spreads throughout the area, much like the jug of wine uncorked and poured out.

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Bumpershine said...

There were definitely some answers in this week's LOST.

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That tv show really sucks, it's terrible.