Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Glee "Hell-O": And Goodbye

It might just be a fools errand now to even bother giving much critical analysis to Glee, as it's moved into where it's almost critic-proof. I guess it's best to enjoy this week's, because it at least involved plot advancement and utilized songs that mostly contributed to the story. Next week, all bets are off, as demonstrated in the shot-for-shot remake of Madonna's "Vogue" we got a preview of.

Glee - Episode 1.14
1. "Hello, I Love You" - Glee Cast (The Doors original)
2. "Gives You Hell" - Glee Cast (The All-American Rejects original)
3. "Hello Again" - Neil Diamond
4. "Hello" - Glee Cast w/ Jonathan Groff (Lionel Richie original)
5. "Highway to Hell"- Glee Cast w/ Jonathan Groff (AC/DC original)
6. "Hello, Goodbye" - Glee Cast (The Beatles original)

Previously: Sectionals (Episode 1.13)

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