Monday, April 12, 2010

Treme "Do You Know What It Means": Don't Ask Me About My House

New Orleans done right.

“That boy named Elvis?” Kermit Ruffins says pointing at Elvis Costello.
“You’re just standing there telling me that all you want to do is get high, play some trumpet, and barbecue in New Orleans your whole damned life?” says an exasperated Davis.
To which Ruffins replies: “That’ll work.”

Off to catch at least a couple hours sleep, but I'll leave you with some music selections from tonight. Comments coming later, but I'll chime in first on the Louis Prima inclusion. Not only was Prima a native son of New Orleans, but it was also rumored he was associated with the mob, so it ties in with Davis' rant about wanting the mafia to supervise the rebuilding of New Orleans.

Treme - Episode 1.01
1. "Nolia Clap" - Juvenile feat. Wacko, Skip
2. “Feel Like Funkin' It Up” - Rebith Brass Band
3. "Treme Song" - John Boutte
4. "All Over Now" - Rebirth Brass Band
5. "Mama Roux" - Dr. John
6. "I'll Fly Away" - Rebirth Brass Band
7. "The Hook and Sling" - Eddie Bo
8. "Big Chief" - Professor Longhair (Steve Zahn plays on piano)
9. "Bouncin' Back" - Mystikal
10. "Shake Ya Ass" - Mystikal
11. "Gottschalk Symphony: Romantique No. 2" - Hot Springs Music Festival Symphony Orchestra
12. "Solace" - Scott Joplin (Sofia Bernette)
13. "For Brenda (Brenda Hearing)" - Tom McDermott
14. "Do You Know What It Means to Miss New Orleans" - Fats Domino
15. "Christopher Jr" - Donald Harrison
16. "Gatur Bait" - The Gaturs
17. "Buona Sera" - Louis Prima
18. "Somewhere Listening for My Name" - The Zion Harmonizers
19. "'Gardez Donci (Look at that!)" - Beau Jocque & the Zydeco Hi-Rollers
20. "West End Blues" - Louis Armstrong
21. "Whirlaway" - Allen Toussaint
22. "Skokiann" - Kermit Ruffins
23. "Swing This" - Kermit Ruffins
24. "Tetherball" - Henry Butler
25. "Flame On" - The Iguanas
26. "Just a Closer Walk With Thee" - Treme Brass Band
27. "My Dawlin’ New Orleans" - Little Queenie

HBO's tracklisting is now up as well

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