Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Glee "Dream On": Whedonesque

Neil Patrick Harris as Will foil! Joss Whedon directs! Ever notice that Glee is just like its character Rachel, so desperate for attention it demands exclamation points. (!)

Glee - Episode 1.19
"Daydream Believer" - Glee Cast with Neil Patrick Harris (The Monkeys)
"Dreamweaver" - Gary Wright
"Piano Man" - Billy Joel
"Big Spender" from Le Miserables
"Dream On" - Glee Cast with Neil Patrick Harris (Aerosmith)
"Safety Dance" - Glee Cast
"I Dreamed a Dream" - Glee Cast with Idina Menzel (from Les Miserables)
"Dream a Little Dream" - Glee Cast

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