Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Chuck vs the Living Dead: Early Edition

Going into the original season finale, about four episodes ago, I wouldn't have bothered to order a $5 footlong to save the show. But thanks to Scott Bakula reprising his role as Papa Bartkowski, I'm more than happy that Chuck got a fourth season renewal, if not as fervently as the end of last season.

Not sure if it was the threat of seeing Shaw and then not seeing him, or just having an episode with both Scott Bakula and Jeffster (hello "Chuck vs the Ring"), it all made the so-so Ellie subplot easier to swallow. Also: Seeing Scott Bakula start the episode with the newspaper crossed my wires a bit, making me think that the Quantum Leap-like series Early Edition was being referenced.

Chuck - Episode 3.17
"Love Hurts" - Jeffster (Nazareth)
"September"- Earth Wind & Fire
"I Am Your Skin" - The Bravery

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