Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Glee "Duets": Born Again

After a wild variance of styles to start the season, "Duets" managed to hit all the right notes, even overcoming the usual "theme of the week" issues while returning to plots raised in the premere. There were no ridiculous "BIG" moments that have littered the series since it discovered it's audience, but instead a series of fun, heartfelt and witty small moments adding up to something bigger. No Sue Sylvester, no Puck (he's in juvie? really, that's your write out go to?) and an out-of-left-field return of the a new character we'd forgotten about (Sam -- Chord Overstreet).

It's pretty telling that "Duets" went back and practically ignored the past two episodes to try and get back to the story that was started, as Ian Brennan wrote the premiere and this episode). Aside from Burt's ticker, there's not really any continuity issues with having this episode after the premiere. It just seems that they (who are 'they'?) wanted to slide in some BIG episodes as fluffernutter between the storytelling episodes as bread. (Mmm... now I'm hungry!) It's not so bad that we had to take a break in reality for those insane episodes, because while it can be frustrating at times to watch Glee fall on it's face, as it has on occasion, the fact that it's reaching... trying to do what no one else is doing on TV is why we watch.

Playlist: Glee - Episode 2.04
1. "Don't Go Breaking My Heart" - Glee Cast [Amazon] [iTunes]
2. "River Deep Mountain High" - Glee Cast [Amazon] [iTunes]
3. "Le Jazz Hot" - Glee Cast [Amazon] [iTunes]
4. "Sing!" - Glee Cast [Amazon] [iTunes]
5. "With You I'm Born Again" - Glee Cast (Billy Preston & Syreeta original) [Amazon]
6. "Lucky" - Glee Cast [Amazon] [iTunes]
7. "Happy Days Are Here Again / Get Happy" - Glee Cast [Amazon] [iTunes]

Previously: "Grilled Cheesus" (Episode 2.03)

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