Monday, October 11, 2010

Chuck vs The Coup D'Etat: Couples Retreat

Remember my complaints last year about Chuck manufacturing obstacles to keep Chuck and Sarah apart? Well, even with that issue supposedly removed, the writers continue to manufacture obstacles in their relationship. Of course any growing relationship is going to have rough patches here and there, but Chuck seems obsessed with the Chuck/Sarah relationship to a fault.

Conflict resolution for "Chuck vs the Coup D'Etat" comes in the form of couples counseling between Generalissimo Goya (return of Armand Assante) and his wife (Huge's Tia Texada), so that meant at least a little bit of time with Devin, Ellie and Angel de la Muerta, but the Chuck/Sarah will they/won't they thing still lives on as the core of Chuck. It's like a chewed up bone that the dog won't give up, and it's starting to grow tiresome. They better find mommy quick so we can turn the page already. Oh, but wait... Sarah modeling bikinis and a marble statue of Awesome? Ok, I'll stick around.

And if they want to play more Girls ("Laura") in the soundtrack? Yeah, I'd stick around for that as well.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 4.04
1. "Laura" - Girls [download]
2. "Tropicana" - La Tropicana Orchestra [download]
3. "Sleep Walk" - Santo & Johnny [download]
4. "Rebulu" - Jesus Alejandro Nino [download]
5. "Besame Mucho" - Armand Assante
6. "Without You" - Lewis LaMedica [download]
7. "She Brings Me the Music" - RPA and The United Nations (Richard Ashcroft) [album import]

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