Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Sons of Anarchy "Lochan Mor": Welcome to Ireland

"A drive-by, nearly deported... and this is just day one."

Those complaining about this season dragging have got to be dancing in the streets with this one, as SAMCRO is finally in Belfast, after seven episodes of dragging feet to get here. Even with all the action in this episode, my wife still is a bit exasperated. "They need to get Jax's kid back and get on with it already." I didn't want to spoil it for her (or you) but... we still have a ways to go (I know!).

Besides heightened violence, building tension with Jimmy and the oncoming train crash of unconscious incest with Jax & Trillian, the music was an obvious highlight. First off, I'm so pleased they did an Irish-tinged version of the theme song. Raise a shot of Jameson for that one. Before we heard that, though, there was the great opening montage with Black 47's "The Big Fellah," a song about the political career of Irish politician and soldier Michael Collins (nicknamed "the big fellah"), who died during the Irish civil war. The song worked great with the transition from trad Gaelic folk beginning (sung by Mary Martello) with the far away shot of the Irish landscape to when the guitars kick in and we move in on SAMCRO on their bikes riding through.

After that the music moved way into the background, often barely even registering as music at all. But if you listen closely, there's a ton of great Irish music here. And, back in Charming, the J Mascis/Cobra Verde rocking combo Sweet Apple provided some ampage at the garage with "Flying Up the Mountain".

Playlist: Sons of Anarchy - Episode 3.08
1. "The Big Fellah" - Black 47 [from Home of the Brave]
2. "Greed & Power" - Attika [download]
3. "The Long Road" - Flatfoot 56 [download]
4. "Shiny Eyes" - Flatfoot 56 [download]
5. "Jungle of the Midwest Sea" - Flatfoot 56 [from Jungle of the Midwest Sea]
6. "Son of Shame" - Flatfoot 56 [download]
7. "Victory Square" - The Dreadnoughts [download]
8. "Ciara" - The Tossers [download]
9. "The Ballad of the Thoughtful Rover" - The Tossers [download]
10. "Faraway" - The Tossers [download]
11. "Flying Up a Mountain" - Sweet Apple [download]
12. "Caroline" - Young Dubliners [download]
13. "(Don't Think I'll) Love You Anymore" - Young Dubliners [download]
14. "Another Bag of Bricks" - Flogging Molly [download]

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Donnchadh said...

There was also a song or two by an Irish singer/songwriter called Paul Brady used on this episode, he has appeared on other episodes previous to this. Paul Bradys songs have been recorded by Bob Dylan and Tina Turner amongst others.