Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Glee "Rocky Horror Glee Show": Just a Jump to the Left...

So let me get this straight... Emma loves Rocky Horror Picture Show (what?), and Will still loves Emma (ok), so we get the tired sitcom plot of Will losing his senses and staging the musical to try and win her over (this must be a Ryan Murphy episode). Yes. The whole Will thing is creepy, like Anakin Skywalker's pursuit of Padmé in Star Wars: Episode II (which begs the question: whatever happened to the Will we first introduced to?).

Anyway, the whole thing comes off like a dare was put to Murphy: I dare you to do Rocky Horror Picture Show themed episode, and you have to write it and record the music in 24 hours starting..... NOW! And while this Rocky Horror Glee Show EP is going to sell like gangbusters, it all comes across fairly flat, something that's actually hard to do with content as unhinged as this. Original cast members Tim Curry and Susan Sarandon dodged a bullet by not appearing (sorry Barry Bostwick and Meat Loaf, your cameos were wasted opportunities).

Playlist: Glee - Episode 2.05
1. "Science Fiction Double Feature" - Glee Cast [download] [iTunes]
2. "Damn It, Janet" - Glee Cast [download] [iTunes]
3. "Whatever Happened To Saturday Night?" - Glee Cast [download] [iTunes]
4. "Sweet Transvestite" - Glee Cast [download] [iTunes]
5. "Touch A Touch A Touch A Touch Me" - Glee Cast [download] [iTunes]
6. "There's A Light (Over At The Frankenstein Place)" - Glee Cast [download] [iTunes]
7. "Time Warp" - Glee Cast [download] [iTunes]

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