Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Sons of Anarchy "Bainne": Oh, where have you been, my blue eyed son?

So... are we finally done playing the game of "Where's Abel?" How about the waving around of guns by females tonight? Gemma holding a gun to a baby's head and Tara waving and inexplicably not using a gun against Salazar. WTF to both.

I guess if Sun Kil Moon's "Alesund" was playing in the background while I watched my son interact with his adoptive parents, I might be tempted to let him go as well. (Not really.) Singer Mark Kozelek sings about a Norwegian lass and a song that sprung from watching and hearing her. Like Jax, Kozelek's protagonist decides to walk into the night instead of performing the song on stage.

Sons of Anarchy - Episode 3.11
1. "Ă…lesund" - Sun Kil Moon [download]
2. "Gypsy Woman" - Jonathan Clay

Previously: "Firinne" (Episode 3.10)

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