Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Sons of Anarchy "Firinne": Some Medieval Shite

This terribly long saga of Find the Baby is almost to a close... we think. While it seemed to take forever to get to Belfast, it feels even longer for SAMCRO to get out of this "moss covered hell hole" (thank you, Opie). The seemingly unrelated storylines have made this season feel like a season of 24, where there's obviously a destination we're heading towards while Kurt Sutter & crew throw obstacles in our heroes path haphazardly to keep us all from reaching it before episode 13 (or 12, as the penultimate is oft to do).

There's only three episodes left to the season, so they had to start to shape things up a bit. So now we're finally getting some good John Teller in Ireland back story, and a return to Jax's issues with 'the patch' guided by his father's legacy text and more father-son relationship / Hamlet-like undercurrent. And then there's the unconscious incestual yearnings... Shakespearean much?

Musically, it was great to hear the short-lived UK garage rock dynamos The Beat Up (formerly The Beatings) with "Messed Up" as the opening jam. Their US debut (Black Rays Defence, recorded by MBV's Kevin Shields) arrived in 2005 and they toured with Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, the Liberines and even a reunited Stooges. So much potential there, but they never made another album. Guitarist/vocalist Nick Pankhurst is currently a touring member of Duke Spirit while Dino Gollnick lends his bass expertise to Ladytron.

Sons of Anarchy - Episode 3.10
1. "Messed Up" - The Beat Up [download]
2. "Devil at the Wheel" - Crud [download]
3. "Shadows and Dreams" - Kim Ferron & the Forest Rangers [download]

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Altair23 said...

there is a piece of music i dunno if its a released track or something else but its when clay takes the Irish chapter Presidents cut and pushes him off the building its that bit of music which sounds really good

spyr daou said...

i have looking for this song me too did you found it?