Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Glee "Never Been Kissed": Free Your Show and the Rest Will Follow

Glee has proven in the past that it's capable, in at least some manner of success, at taking on BIG ISSUES, but "Never Been Kissed" is just an unfortunate flop, and not the kind of flop that's admirable because "at least they tried." By playing it safe once again, Glee is stuck in between the net and the backcourt. And to top it off, the dangerous takeaway that some victims might gleam from tonight is that homophobic bullies are that way because they're secretly gay. And that an all boys academy can be, pardon the term, fruitopia -- where everything seems gay even if it's not. Yes, gay bullying is a problem that is worthy of tackling, but to flub it as bad as Glee does the issue no service. (And what in the world is going on with these b plots?)

Musically, the episode is a callback to the popular "Mash-up" episode from season one, but the significance of that pretty much got drowned in Kurt's, Bieste's and Puck's storylines. A part of me wished like hell that "Free Your Mind" was going to be a Funkadelic joint, and that the proverbial "ass (would) follow," but that's obviously expecting far too much from the less and less daring Glee.

Glee - 2.06
1. "One Love (People Get Ready)" - Glee Cast [Amazon mp3] [iTunes]
2. "Teenage Dream" - Glee Cast [Amazon mp3] [iTunes]
3. "Start Me Up / Livin' On a Prayer" - Glee Cast [Amazon mp3] [iTunes]
4. "Stop! In the Name of Love / Free Your Mind" - Glee Cast [Amazon mp3] [iTunes]

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