Monday, May 16, 2011

Chuck vs the Cliffhanger: Russians... so many Russians

For all the grief I sometimes give Chuck, they sure know how to do finales. "Vs the Cliffhanger" rolled all the best parts about this fourth season into one epic package. The Buy More took a backseat, for the most part, but with the Spy and family worlds pretty much merged now, it's becoming less noticeable when they disappear. Chuck got their season 5 renewal recently (to be their last), and thank God, because there's a STORY that needs to be told/seen.

The need to save Chuck's love (and the series' #2) was front and center, and the weaving in of their pre-wedding run through (vows done to Typhoon's "Firewood") along with the actual wedding towards the end was quite touching. Anytime you want to pull some seriously subtle heart strings, you go for Sigur Ros -- or in this case, frontman Jónsi, with the emotive "Sinking Friendships." All that, though, was just leading up to the Morgan plum, and the more I think about how the series could go forward with them running independent of the CIA with Morgan as their new Chuck... salivation.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 4.24
1. "Here With Me" - Battleme [amazon mp3]
2. "Conscience Killer" - Black Rebel Motorcycle Club [amazon mp3]
3. "Firewood" - Typhoon [amazon mp3]
4. "I'm a Pilot" - Fanfarlo [amazon mp3]
5. "Sinking Friendships" - Jónsi [amazon mp3]

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