Monday, May 09, 2011

Chuck vs the Last Details:

Haven't touched the past few Chuck episodes for a few reasons, first being a certain lack of interest. But since we're approaching another season finale, it was time to play catch up, as Chuck has been 2 for 3 on their finales thus far, so there's hope that they pull it together after dancing all season around their network orders for episodes.

Last week, the reveal of Vulkoff as Agent X and bringing in Ellie into the inner circle set things up nicely for tonight's episode, which was the perfect mix of Spy, Buy More and Star Wars references. It's entirely possible that next week's finale ("Chuck vs the Cliffhanger") will be the series last, as there has been no season 5 renewal announcement yet (probably won't hear until the fall schedule is revealed next Monday morning), and it will be interesting to see how they potentially go out. Ending this episode with the Jeff-made Sarah montage backed by Bright Eyes ("First Day of My Life") was a nice touch (and you know they won't kill of Sarah).

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 4.23
1. "Everything Falls Apart" - The One AM Radio [Amazon mp3]
2. "The Imperial March" - John Williams [Amazon mp3]
3. "You Are A Tourist" - Death Cab For Cutie [Amazon mp3]
4. "First Day of My Life" - Bright Eyes [Amazon mp3]

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