Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Sasquatch 2011, Day 1: Photos, recap

Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters at Sasquatch!, May 27, 2011
The 10th Sasquatch! Music Festival happened this past weekend, and I was there with a long and expensive (rented) lens on a starter SLR camera... like monster truck wheels on a Honda Civic. The first day was really just the night, with the reunited Death From Above 1979 and headliners the Foo Fighters (pictured above).

Anyway, you can read and peruse the first batch of photos over at Bumpershine.


~~~hechter said...

I teared up a l'il bit with the words "...reunited Death From Above 1979..."

~~~hechter said...

I think Dave Grohl is looking right at the camera (you) in the second shot!

drake lelane said...

He was! My big ass lens was not very conspicuous, even from 20-30 yards away ;)

Vinod.legend said...

Very innovative,keep going!!