Thursday, December 29, 2011

2011 - The Year in Photos

Fan's dragon fly at Flaming Lips show, Sasquatch Music Festival in Memorial Day weekend.
It's no secret that I take a lot of pictures. What's becoming less of a secret, though, is that I'm becoming less bad at it.

Having spent so long as a photo editor, I'm naturally a bit more critical of photographs -- and especially my own. But thanks to lens upgrades (purchasing a 50mm prime, renting a 70-200mm) and software (Lightroom, Picknik), I'm getting awfully close to taking photos that I can hang a hat on (and I have a lot of hats, so...).

Anyway, here's some of my favorites from a great year of live music (note: In the Summer Bonfire series collage, half taken on Samsung Focus mobile phone.)

Taylor Hawkins of Foo Fighters, Sasquatch Music Festival -- Memorial Day weekend.
TP flies over the Gorge in celebration of Black Joe Lewis at Sasquatch Music Festival -- Memorial Day weekend.
Robyn @ Sasquatch -- Memorial Day weekend. Thurston Moore @ Capitol Hill Block Party -- July.
Les Savy Fav - AKA Tim Harrington's Wild Ride at Capitol Hill Block Party, July.
The Posies' Jon & Ken catching air at Capitol Hill Block Party -- July.
Mastodon opens for Soundgarden @ the Gorge, July.
Champagne Champagne at Doe Bay Fest -- August.

Pickwick gets some spiritual back up during "Hacienda Hotel" at Doe Bay Fest, August.
Tyler Williams (The Head & the Heart) lends a shovel to Kelli Schafer @ Doe Bay Fest, August.
Artist Home's Summer Bonfire Series -- All summer.
Mavis Staples summons a higher power at Bumbershoot, September.
Minus the Bear guitarist Dave Knudson at Bumbershoot, September.
Kaylee Cole in the spotlight at Bumbershoot, September.
Phantogram's Sarah Barthel illuminated at Bumbershoot, September.
Charles Bradley spreads the love around at Bumbershoot, September.

Previously: Favorite photos of 2009, if you don't mind looking through photos of my kids, you can find most my shots over at my Flickr site.

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