Friday, January 20, 2012

Chuck vs the Bullet Train: The Torn Identity

Like the speeding train running the rails throughout the episode, Chuck is hurtling closer and closer to its final destination. Not to go too far with the train metaphor, but this series has been the Little Engine that Could, willing itself -- thanks to critics and fans -- to make it to its destination, despite the paltry ratings.

The big twist at the end wasn't much of a surprise, given how the first hour of next week's episodes is titled "Chuck vs Sarah Walker," but it's still an interesting one given that a "Chuck vs Quinn" episode would seem kind of a boring way for the series to go out. I'm sure the Chuck-Sarah 'shippers are betting true love is the antidote to her memory loss. I'd only bet the finale will not be an unhappy one -- seems pretty safe.

Musically, it was quite a treat to hear Crooked Fingers backing just about anything, but especially having "She Tows the Line" playing while Sarah's intersect (and memory) is torn from her the hands of Quinn. The series has had to slash budgets nearly every season, but I hope they've saved some cheddar for a few musical surprises in next week's 2-hr finale.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 5.11 (Spotify)
1. "Days Are Forgotten" - Kasabian [mp3]
2. "Misspent Youth" - Clap Your Hands Say Yeah [mp3]
3. "O Canada" - Third Marine Aircraft Wing Band, US Marine Corps [mp3]
4. "Another Wave From You" - M83 [mp3]
5. "She Tows the Line" - Crooked Fingers [mp3]

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