Saturday, January 28, 2012

Chuck vs Sarah / Chuck vs the Goodbye: Every Ending a Beginning

While littered with the kind of plot holes we've learned to overlook the past five years, the Chuck series finale magically stitched together highlights from the past seasons into a cohesive story line. Meanwhile, nearly every character got both a comedic spotlight and a ride into his or her respective sunset. That just left Chuck and Sarah's more ambiguous ending, which is less ambiguous depending on how the viewer chose to watch the series. Regardless of whether you believe the "princess kiss" solved anything, in the continuing series that we'll never see, it seems obvious that the nerd gets the girl -- again. I must confess, it got a little dusty in the Drake den during those final scenes.

That final montage was of course backed by Seattle's own The Head and the Heart, which made it awfully precious. There might be a bit of THATH fatigue in Seattle at the moment, but having "Rivers and Roads" to end the series didn't feel tired in the least bit. Plus, we got one last shot of Jeffster!, an act which had become a special bullet to only be used in finales, and as a way to save General Beckman via a-ha's "Take On Me" qualifies as good use.

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 5.12-13 (Spotify / Rhapsody)
1. "Your Hands" - Ghost Society [mp3] [iTunes]
2. "Goshen" - Beirut [mp3]
3. "Gold on the Ceiling" - The Black Keys [mp3]
4. "Take on Me" - a-ha performed by Jeffster! [mp3]
5. "Cruel and Beautiful World" - Grouplove [mp3]
6. "Rivers and Roads" - The Head & The Heart [mp3]

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