Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life: Three Women, Two Ex-Cons, One New Partner

While Life ("Three Women") is still having a hard time finding its footing with Sarah Shahi's pregnancy, it was nice hearing Blonde Redhead's "SW" to end the show, providing the kind of chilling moment that this season has been missing. "It's not, it's not what you give but it's what you kept" as we see the belly ring that gives away where the stolen diamonds ended up, and then "It's not, it's not who you kill but it's who you left" as we find out what happened to the murderous ex-con Lyle Lennox. It never quite got to the lyric, but the line "It's not, it's not what it seems" was on my mind the minute the song kicked in, thinking back to Reese's and Crews' discussion over the phone about how sometimes things are just how they seem (Occam's Razor,) as they each marvel over insinuating Mickey Rayborn pics.

Other headline here is Gabrielle Union debuting as Crews' new temp partner. Man, can those eyes deliver a line or two on their own, or what? Remarkable that her career is stuck at being a good get for guest star. The back-and-forth between Shahi and Damian Lewis are still missed, though.

Life - Episode 2.18
1. "Raw"- The Scanners - battle in the elevator
2. "SW" - Blonde Redhead - belly ring

Previously: Shelf Life of Life (Episode 2.17)

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