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Now Downloading: New Releases 03.17.09

It's the week of SXSW, so it's a mostly quiet week as far as releases go, but leave it to a slacker like Nathan Williams (Wavves) to not get the memo. Another rebel, Scott Walker, gets the much welcomed reissue treatment in conjunction with a great documentary on the man making the rounds. And we discover that most his discography has recently been made available via digital distribution(!). Elsewhere, there are new releases from Willie Nelson, Superdrag, Seeland, White Lies, Black Joe Lewis and Gabriella Cilmi. Have at it.

Playlist: New Releases 03.17.09

Wavves - Wavvves
Stream / Purchase [mp3]

Wavves - WavvvesWavves is 22-year-old Nathan Williams, a one-man noise rock wrecking crew, quickly aligning himself with the No Age/Times New Viking wing of the new noise rock movement. Turning his boredom into effortless chaos, Williams differentiates himself from the flock by honing in on the nostalgia of those innocent days of youth. The lazy SoCal slack of "Gun In The Sun" spreads a bit of sunshine above the noise, while the songs "So Bored" and "No Hope Kids" are both majestic and immensely bleak. It's this fine line between joy and pain where Wavvves is at it's peak, and as both Liz Lemon and my 4-year old are prone to say, "I want to go to there."

Scott Walker - Boy Child: 67-70 / Stream / Purchase [mp3]
Scott Walker - Sings Jacques Brel / Stream / Purchase [mp3]
Scott Walker - Tilt / Stream / Purchase [mp3]

One of my favorite films I saw in 2007 was the documentary 30 Century Man: Scott Walker, and in conjunction with the film finally getting limited runs in various cities, his discography is finally getting some reissues. Two albums that cover (almost) the entirety of his best post-Walker Brothers solo work are on the docket, Boy Child, which is the best of the songs Scott Engel (Walker) has written (minus the oddly omitted "30 Century Man,") and Sings Jacques Brel, collecting all of Engel's amazing covers of the Belgian singer-songwriter. This is from the period of time where the name Scott Walker rivaled the Beatles in popularity in the UK. I purchased these via import years ago when they were released, thanks to all of Engel/Walker's discography from the time period being criminally out of print here in the U.S., but now their finally being made available here. The other album that gets back in print is Walker's stunning '95 release,Tilt, which helped prompt the aforementioned compilations.

Seeing that these compilations were getting much deserved reissues also alerted me to the fact that Walker's first three solo albums (Scott, Scott 2 and Scott 3,) and another compilation (Scott Walker & The Walker Brothers - 1965-1970) had gotten digital distribution and were in Rhapsody as well. I've already written a lot about Walker and his amazing work, so I won't bore you with my fanboy ramblings, and instead just implore all to try some of these albums, and do whatever you can to see the film 30 Century Man, as it wonderously explores both Walker's pin-up days, and the fascinating transformation to a creator of high (and difficult) art.

More on the radar (and in the mp3 player) this week:
Seeland - Tomorrow Today
White Lies - To Lose My Life
Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears - Tell 'em What Your Name Is!
Gabriella Cilmi - Lessons To Be Learned
Willie Nelson - Naked Willie / Free AOL Album Stream
Marianne Faithfull - Easy Come Easy Go
Les Claypool - Of Fungi and Foe
Superdrag - Industry Giants / Free AOL Album Stream
An Horse - Rearrange Beds (AOL Stream)
Violens - V
Nick Lowe - Quiet Please: The New Best of Nick Lowe
The Long Blondes - "Singles"
Coolest Songs In The World! Vol. 8
Scott Walker - It's Raining Today: The Scott Walker Story '67-70
Scott Walker - Scott Walker Sings Jaques Brel
Scott Walker - Tilt
The Damned - Phantasmagoria
The Damned - Anything

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Shawn Anderson said...

New Releases 03.17.09
1. Beach Demon - Wavves
2. Hang on Lucifer - Seeland
3. To Lose My Life - White Lies
4. Sugarfoot - Black Joe Lewis & The Honeybears
5. Sweet About Me - Gabriella Cilmi
6. I Just Dropped By - Willie Nelson
7. The Crane Wife 3 - Marianne Faithfull
8. Amanitas - Les Claypool
9. Live and Breathe - Superdrag
10. Breeze - Susumu Yokota
11. Already Over - Violens
12. Z28 - Static-X
13. Energetic - BoA
14. Before The Worst - The Script
15. So It Goes - Nick Lowe
16. Giddy Stratospheres - The Long Blondes
17. Catherine - The Krayolas
18. Plastic Palace People - Scott Walker
19. Jackie - Scott Walker
20. Farmer In The City -
21. The Shadow Of Love - The Damned
22. In Dulce Decorum - The Damned
23. If Looks Could Kill - Aldo Nova
24. Monkey On Your Back - Aldo Nova