Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Revisiting The Beta Band Breakup

"I will now sell five copies of The 3 EPs by The Beta Band"
- High Fidelity, starring John Cusack

The Beta Band called it quits earlier, and since we're in a eulogizing mood, I figure why not keep it going. Formed in 1997, they released 3 full length albums and a compilation (the aforementioned classic, "The 3 EP's") and leave behind a dedicated cult following.

Statement from the band:
"The Beta Band apple has over-ripened and become riddled with maggots, it must fall from the tree and let its seeds return to the ground."

Here's a nice Rhapsody tribute playlist full of tasty apples to say goodbye. (Track listing in comments.)

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drake leLane said...

1. Dry the Rain
2. Dog's Got a Bone
3. She's the One
4. It's Over
5. Round the Bend
6. Broken Up a Ding Dong
7. Squares
8. Broke
9. Quiet
10. Assessment
11. Wonderful
12. Simple