Thursday, January 20, 2005

Another eulogy: The Next 4 Years

President Bush was just sworn in again (how??) and the extravagant price tag of $40 million dollars is worth noting (how about sending some of that to the troops.)

What's also worth noting is the major donors to the inauguration. Corporations getting a little tit for tat, is the line. One donor, the Washington Post, had to donate just to get tickets so they can cover it.

And in case anyone doubts one hand washes the other:

"It does give us an opportunity to interact with those that are in the government, those that are in the administration, those that are in the Congress, and those that are in the judiciary, and policymakers that are involved with the process in Washington."
Mike Moran, a spokesman for Ford Motor Co., $250,000 donor - Reuters

Of course, there's plenty of anti-celebrations going on. Yours truly is wearing all black... again.

On the bright side, the inauguration means four more years of the George W. Bush Singers. (tracklisting)

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