Sunday, February 27, 2005

Your daily movement #3

From the bowels of the Prog Rock vault comes your movement of the day... Yes:

And You And I:
I Cord Of Life
II Eclipse
III The Preacher And The Teacher
IV Apocalypse

From the progrock classic Close to the Edge, "And You and I..." is considered by many the classic Yes song... or, as others like me consider it, a movement-laden ballad appearing on an album by a band who refers to themselves in the affirmative. It's believed that Jon Anderson was reading Herman Hesse's Siddhartha at the time and that influenced him, as well as the Isaac Asimov Foundation Trilogy, but both are hotly debated (feel free to join in by hitting head against wall.) The true sign of a prog-rock song being a classic is if the lyrics are taken so seriously to have done your dissertation paper on them:
...the words of these poem are not an end in themselves, but only a means for the expression of the poet Jon Anderson. In them, Anderson creates a beautiful world of imagery and takes us into that world. He speaks to us of the most important things: life, emotion and expression, the world, growth: of existence moving toward essence.
I hope this gentlemen got a good grade... because he prolly wasn't getting laid. 'Zat!

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