Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Your daily movement #5

From the bowels of the Prog Rock vault comes your (last) movement of the day... and it's a whopping 7 movements! From the geek minds of Emerson Lake & Palmer:

I Eruption
II Stones Of Years
III Iconoclast
IV Mass
V Manticore
VI Battlefield
VII Aquatarkus

From the ELP overblown prog classic, Tarkus. A true exhibition in excess - nearly 21 minutes of Keith Emerson solo doodling. There's nothing like the tale of a mettalic armadillo going to battle. Many battlefields were fought in prog-rock songs, and by the end of this one I'd like to ride that armadillo tank right over all the masturbatory hammond solos... right into the water, I guess - as apparently this tank is amphibous (Aquatarkus!)

ENOUGH! Bring on Mars Volta's Frances the Mute, already!

Playlist featuring all the daily movements and a few more...
Mars Volta and your daily movement #1: Rush
Your daily movement #2: Genesis
Your daily movement #3: Yes
Your daily movement #3: Sonic Youth

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drake leLane said...

Daily Movements
"By-Tor And The Snow Dog:
I) At The Tobes Of Hades
II) Across The Styx
III) Of The Battle
IV) Epilogue" - Rush"The Colony Of Slippermen
I)The Arrival
II) A Visit To The Doktor
III) Raven" - Genesis"And You And I:
I) Cord Of Life
II) Eclipse
III) The Preacher And The Teacher
IV) Apocalypse" - Yes"Trilogy: I) Wonder, The
II) Hyperstation
III) Eliminator Jr." - Sonic Youth"Tarkus: Eruption / Stones Of Years / Iconoclast / Mass / Manticore / Battlefield / Aquatarkus" - Emerson, Lake & Palmer"Cassandra Gemini:
I) Tarantism
II) Plant a Nail in the Navel Stream
III) Faminepule
IV) Multiple Spouse Wounds
V) Sarcophagi" - Mars Volta"The Afternoon:
I)Forever Afternoon (Tuesday?)
II)Time To Get Away (Evening)" - The Moody Blues"Movement For The Common Man
I) Children Of The Land
II) Street Collage
III) Fanfare For The Common Man
IV) Mother Nature's Matinee" - Styx"Run / Smiles / Step Into The Breeze / Symphony Space" - Spiritualized"2112 Medley
I) Overture
II) The Temples Of Syrinx
III) Discovery
IV) Presentation
V) Oracle: The Dream
VI) Soliloquy
VII) Grand Finale" - Rush"Starship Trooper
I) Life Seeker
II) Disillusion
III) Wurm" - Yes