Friday, March 31, 2006

To hell with good song title intentions

Play it: McLusky McLuskyism
Play it: Songs that don't live up to their titles

It's been over a year since the Welsh noise rock trio McLusky broke up, and last month a greatest hits compilation was released called McLuskyism. To be exact, two were released, one a single-disc greatest-hits-only comp, and a three-disc one that also contained b-sides and rarities. For those unitiated, I'd recommend the first as it's chock full of everything to love (and hate) about McLusky, from the lower-fi beginnings to the Albini produced powerhouses. For the fans, the three-disc set is great if for no other reason then the fact you have that many more song titles to chuckle at.

Speaking of song titles, Stylus just listed their Top Ten Songs That Don’t Live Up To Their Titles list. I've done my own, which includes a couple of Stylus' list (My List.) Part of the premise here is that a a song title can be so powerful or f*cking clever that it's nearly impossible for the actual song to live up to it. I like all of these songs, but it can be said that they are overshadowed by the might of their titles. McLusky had one in the Stylus list, which is fine, but I had to include three, if for no other reason then I'm profiling their damn compilation. One song in there of note is the Robert Pollard/Richard Meltzer collaboration "Kerouac Never Drove, So He Never Drove Alone" (from the recent addition to Rhapsody, Completed Soundtrack For The Tropic Of Nipples, Play it,) which illustrates that while Robert Pollard has written a lot of interesting (and off the wall) song titles, the only one that makes this list was a collaborative effort with a writer.

Taking a look at the tracklists for both these playlists, you'll note that you could just leave the McLuskyism comp up there for both and not be far off the mark.

The World Loved Them and was Their Bitch (McLusky RIP)

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drake leLane said...

Disc One (also the single disc version):

1. Joy
2. Rice Is Nice
3. Whoyouknow
4. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
5. To Hell With Good Intentions
6. Alan Is A Cowboy Killer
7. There Ain't No Fool In Ferguson
8. 1956 And All That
9. Undress For Success
10. That Man Will Not Hang
11. She Will Bring You Happiness
12. Without MSG I Am Nothing

Disc Two (b-sides and rarities):

1. Rock Vs Single Parents
2. Why I Don't Believe In You
3. Balbo's Theme
4. Viva Minor Legends
5. Whiteliberalonwhiteliberalaction
6. Murphy Syndrome
7. Provincial Song
8. Here Comes Joe
9. Love Song For A Mexican
10. Rope
11. No Covers
12. Beacon For Pissed Ships
13. Habit That Kicks Itself
14. Exciting Whistle Ah
15. Random Celebrity Insult Generator
16. Hymn For New Cars
17. Join The Mevolution
18. Salt Water Solution
19. All Encompassing Positive
20. London Whine Company
21. Gift Of Slight
22. Dave Stop Killing Prostitutes

Disc Three (live tracks):

1. Love Song For A Mexican
2. Colour March
3. Working From Home
4. Collagen Rock
5. Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire
6. Reformed Arsonist Seeks Child Bride
7. Be Average To Each Other
8. Cradling
9. Bipolar Bears Take Seattle
10. KKKitchens What Were You Thinking
11. Lost Consonants
12. Comeuppance Come
13. See Them Smell Them Sign Them
14. Lightsabre Cocksucking Blues
15. That Man Will Not Hang
16. 1956 And All That
17. Falco Vs The Young Canoeist
18. You Should Be Ashamed Seamus
19. Gareth Brown Says
20. Rice Is Nice
21. Collagen Rock
22. To Hell With Good Intentions

drake leLane said...

Top 10 Songs that don't live up to their title

* "Reformed Arsonist Seeks Child Bride" - Mclusky
* "Hair Dude, You're Stepping On My Mystique" - Out Hud
* "Naked Pictures (Of Your Mother)" - Electric Six
* "Kerouac Never Drove, So He Never Drove Alone" - Robert Pollard/Meltzer/...
* "Your Children Are Waiting For You To Die" - Mclusky
* "Good To Know That If I Ever Need Attention All I Have To Do Is Die" - Brand New
* "Tim I Wish You Were Born a Girl" - Of Montreal
* "Everyone Who Pretended To Like Me Is Gone" - The Walkmen
* "Fuck This Shit" - Belle and Sebastian
* "The Difference Between Me And You Is That I'm Not On Fire" - Mclusky