Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Hello Touch & Go

Play it: Touch & Go Records Sampler

Oh joyous of 4-day work weeks!

Just in time for their 25th Anniversary, Touch & Go (and Quarterstick) Records have been added to the Rhapsody library. At this time, it appears to be limited to mostly recent artists and one (maybe two) from other artists on the label.

More recent T&G staples like TV On The Radio, CocoRosie, Pinback and Quasi have albums added alongside some classic releases from The Jesus Lizard, Don Caballero, Polvo and Urge Overkill. Other additions include great releases from Silkworm, The Black Heart Procession, The New Year and Blonde Redhead.

What's missing? Probably the most important releases from the label, to be quite honest. Most noticeable is Steve Albini's recorded output (Big Black, Rapeman, Shellac,) followed by the very influential Slint, and post-punk giants Mekons.

Nonetheless, what made it in is still something to be excited about.
Now returning you back to your 4-day work week...

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drake leLane said...

Touch & Go Records sampler

* "Staring at the Sun" - TV On The Radio
* "By your side" - CocoRosie
* "Dear Can" - !!!
* "When the Going Gets Dark" - Quasi
* "Mouth Breather" - The Jesus Lizard
* "Tangled" - The Black Heart Procession
* "In The Abscence Of Strong Evidence To The Contrary, One May Step Out Of The Way Of The Charging Bull" - Don Caballero
* "In Particular" - Blonde Redhead
* "Non Photo-Blue" - Pinback
* "Sea Above, Sky Below" - Dirty Three
* "The Operative" - Silkworm
* "Paying Respect" - Arcwelder
* "Little Chang, Big City" - Seam
* "You Fight Like A Little Girl" - Pegboy
* "Interstellar Hardrive" - Man Or Astro-Man?
* "What's This Generation Coming To?" - Urge Overkill
* "Boring Ghost" - Red Stars Theory
* "Can't Tell No One" - Negative Approach
* "Chinese Handcuffs" - The New Year
* "Eyeball" - Scratch Acid
* "New Pants And Shirt" - Killdozer
* "She's Gone" - PW Long
* "Knock That Door" - Enon
* "Bridesmaid Blues" - Polvo
* "Alias Directory" - The Monorchid
* "The Lake" - Supersystem
* "This Heat" - Uzeda
* "Howl" - Tara Jane O'Neil
* "Evilized" - Didjits

J Shifty said...

Thank you for the overview, captain. My own forays through the Just Added list only brought me Quasi, Blonde Redhead, and Man or Astroman.

I am quite happy about the Scratch Acid and will explore all thosen others I'm not intimate with thanks to your work!

(Also I'm coming late to, but wholeheartedly appreciate, the Pixies retrospective and the Asch Recordings work you delivered. Cheers!)

drake leLane said...

I totally missed Calexico in this list (on Quarterstick) don't know how it made it passed me!

Another artist that made his way into Rhapsody as a result of Touch & Go entering the fold is Sufjan Stevens, because his Asthma Kitty label is distributed through T&G/Quarterstick.