Friday, October 20, 2006

Oh, the Nirvana

The title to last night's Grey's Anatomy episode ("Oh, the Guilt" - see Laremy's recap) refers to a 1993 split single that Nirvana did with The Jesus Lizard (which, I'm proud to say, I own - Puss/Oh, the Guilt on Touch & Go records.) Unfortunately, the song didn't make an appearance in the episode, as the rest of the music was rather... how do I put it... female-oriented. Let's just say a little head-banging could've turned this soundtrack around a bit.

Speaking of head-banging, Isaiah Washington (that's Dr. Burke to Grey's freaks) must be banging his head against the wall somewhere, hearing that he might be replaced for his homophobic comments he made on set about Grey's own McGay. But hey, that's not my beat... er... beet (shout out.)

Episode title track: "Oh, the Guilt" - Nirvana
1. "Clonie" - Nellie McKay
2. "Kaleidoscope" - Kate Havnevik (iTunes)
3. "Wild Is The Wind" - The Second Band (Hello Surprise)
4. "Be Good Or Be Gone" Fionn Regan
5. "Don't Mistake Me" - Keisha White (MySpace)

TV on the Radio on TV (again) (Episode 304)
Smells like nostalgia
Hello Touch & Go

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