Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Tattoo you

Just when you think it can't get any weirder on Nip/Tuck... it... you know... gets weirder. Surreal scenes set to The Rolling Stones made for some head scratching viewing.

Playlist: Nip/Tuck - Episode 406

Right out of the gates it's a dream-within-a-homo-erotic-dream, with Christian and Sean sunning themselves at a gay retreat to the sounds of The Pleasure Seekers' "I Like The Boys". Sean locks himself in the closet (again with the Tom Cruise references) and then weirdly ends up dying in surgery as Christian gives him mouth-to-mouth. Then Christian's little liason with boss Michelle is found out by Burt, and we're treated to Larry Hagman (Burt) talking about his erectile dysfunction (to the tune of "Macho Man.") But it doesn't end there... Burt then makes Christian and Michelle adulterate while he looks on (creepily.)

Speaking of creepy... what's with all the crazy women? All the women characters introduced to the show this season are nut jobs. Both Monica and Dr. Wolper (Brooke Shields) turn out to be obsessed wackos, and what happens to them is a little disturbing. Not long after going all The Hand That Rocks The Cradle, nanny Monica is hit by a bus, ending her puzzling story line as Sean's object of adultery. Meanwhile bad Dr. Wolper first gets a tattoo removed (Property of Some Dude) by Christian (to "Slave" by the Rolling Stones) then later, after we find out she's the one coaching Burt about Christian and Michelle, she gets another tattoo in the same spot that says Property of Christian Troy. This to the tune of "As Tears Go By."

Sorry, but I don't get it.

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The best that money can buy (Episode 405)
Danger when you taste brown sugar... or wear peanut butter (Episode 404)

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drake leLane said...

Nip/Tuck - Episode 406

1. "I Like The Boys" - Pleasure Seekers (Windswept) - Christian and Sean at Gay Hot Spot
2. "Macho Man" - The Village People - Sean Confronts Christian about sleeping with Michelle/ Burt comes in with a penile problem
3. "Slave" - The Rolling Stones - Faith gets tattoo removed and tries to help Christian
4. "As Tears Go By" - The Rolling Stones - Julia can't believe that Monica stood her up/ Faith gets a new tattoo

Tracklisting compiled by Avalon at