Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Future shock

Last year's series finale of Six Feet Under was memorable in part because of the montage featuring flashes of each character's future. One of the keys to the success of that montage was the quick cuts... you only got a glimpse as to how they looked and there was no time to examine the make-up too closely. Last night Nip/Tuck gave us long looks at their Back to the Future and while the make-up was nearly as funny as it was in that classic trilogy, I don't believe the episode was meant to be comedic.

It's 2026, and it seems plastic surgery hasn't advanced much, as both Sean and Christian have aged cartoonishly, but the drama is seemingly played straight up with no wink-wink-isn't-this-funny. To that point, while listening to future f'd-up Annie (played by Jennifer Elise Cox, of Jan Brady fame) complain about all the attention given to Conor, didn't you expect her to raise her hands in frustration and yell "Conor, Conor, Conor!"

I'll give Nip/Tuck a break on this for one reason: the writers' backs were against the wall with the abrupt news that Joely Richardson (Julia) had to be written off the show. They provided some closure for Julia, without killing her off - the door is wide open for a future cameo appearance if Richardson decides to she's up to it.

Because it's in the future, the music is timeless, that is to say Classical. While the future has it's Dvorak, in the present Sufjan Stevens provides the backdrop to Sean fighting off tears in his goodbye to his family. The song "All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands" has already been used to great effect last year on Weeds, and once again provides the right amount of levity to say goobye to Julia for the last time.

1. "Barcarolle" - Jacques Offenbach - Julia tells Marlowe that they are going through with Conor's surgery.
2. "Cello Concerto in B Minor" - Antonin Dvorak - Matt, Sean and Christian work together to fix Conor's hand
3. "All The Trees Of The Field Will Clap Their Hands" - Sufjan Stevens - Sean drives Julia, Conor and Annie to the airport as they see the damage the hurricane caused
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(Not) What the World Needs Now (Episode 408)

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought Dr Troy was a little too much like Mr Howell! Haha!

drake leLane said...

It seemed like he was sort of turning into Burt Landau (Larry Hagman,) which would horrify the present day Christian.