Friday, November 10, 2006

Premature turkey

Thanksgiving already?

Because of the disappointing ratings for the season premiere of The O.C. we got two episodes this week, thus giving us our obligatory Thanksgiving episode a week early.

Musically speaking, though, the show was certainly no turkey. Most the dramatic moments throughout the show were backed by the song "Black Swan" (MySpace) by Thom Yorke. The smooth electro-glitch of the Radiohead frontman provides an ample backdrop to the darker moments dealing with characters still not over Marissa's death.
"You have tried your best to please everyone/But it just isn't happening/No, it just isn't happening/And it's f*cked up, f*cked up."
"Black Swan" provided the perfect close to A Scanner Darkly already this year, so it's not surprising to see it getting some more use. The other song featured in the show was Alexi Murdoch's near perfect Nick Drake impersonation, with the song "All My Days." Murdoch's not a soundtrack rookie, as you might remember his song "Orange Sky" was featured prominently in the first season, as well as a Honda Element and Hallmark TV commercials (and the movie Ladder 49.)

Tequila wishes and refried dreams (Episode 4.02)

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