Friday, November 10, 2006

Fishing without a rod

Last night, Grey's removed the penis.

As I might've mentioned before, I see Grey's as sort of an emasculating show. Many of the male characters (McDreamy, McSteamy) are held up as things to drool over, and the music definitely reflects a more female-oriented perspective (to match the the voice of the show - Meredith.) This isn't a bad thing, and it works to the show's advantage when it's used with a fine scalpel. But since it's sweeps month, last night the castration was a lot less subtle.

First, the men of Seattle Grace all go camping (packing up to the tune of Beck's "Think I'm In Love,") removing the male element almost entirely - all save McSteamy, who instead performs the literal removing of the penis - a transgender surgery. The manly camping trip is hardly that (fishing to the sensitive sounds of Luke Temple's "Make Right With Me,") when even a tussle between George and Alex is reduced to a slapfest (backed by the western swing of Big Sandy and the Fly Right Boys' "It's Time.")

Back to Seattle Grace, though, the depressing music moment of the year (so far) goes to Brett Dennen's "There is So Much More," which is the soundtrack to a patient pushing out a stillborn baby. I imagine scenes like that can temper an artist's excitement of getting the exposure Grey's can give. The closing scene, no matter the situation, is always the best slot to get as an artist, and for this episode, the honor goes to singer/songwriter Bill Ricchini, who's song "A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door" is played while McDreamy and Mere start their relationship over (because, lest we forget, it is sweeps month.)

Episode Title Track: "Where the Boys Are" - Connie Francis
Playlist: Grey's Anatomy - Episode 3.07
1. "Think I'm In Love" - Beck
2. "Tell Me What To Do" - Jim Noir
3. "Make Right With You" - Luke Temple
4. "Greedy" - Inara George
5. "Something In The Water" - The Jealous Girlfriends (MySpace)
6. "It's Time" - Big Sandy and His Fly-Rite Boys
7. "There Is So Much More" - Brett Dennen
8. "12:59 Lullaby" - Bedouin Soundclash
9. "A Cold Wind Will Blow Through Your Door" - Bill Ricchini

And because I missed posting last week's episode, here's the playlist for that as well.
Playlist: Grey's Anatomy - Episode 3.06
Title track: "Let the Angels Commit" - Danielle Howle and the Tantrums

Oh, the Nirvana! (Episode 3.05)

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