Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Get me some soap

Courtney Cox and David Arquette dislike the paparazzi (with good reason.) They also apparently hate plot and dialogue (no good reason,) as their (Coquette Productions) latest venture on FX, the tabloid satirical series Dirt, is a stiff and obvious morality tale on the 'kiss and tell' world of the entertainment news biz.

Cox stars as tabloid editor Lucy Spiller, basically reprising her one-dimensional role as a pushy journalist in the Scream movie franchise. She can say she's not doing this show for revenge 'till she's blue in the face, but the pilot certainly suggests that it has at least something to do with it. The sex wasn't sexy, the dialogue was forced, and the overriding message that tabloids are bad was as subtle as a tank.

Oh, wait... this is supposed to be about the music, right? Well, thankfully, FX shelled out some bucks for a decent soundtrack to the pilot, so we at least have that to thank for. Tracks from great acts like Califone, The Rosebuds and Seedy Gonzalez make this list shine, even if they felt out of place with the plot (as much of the music did.)

Playlist: Dirt - 1.01 (Pilot)

1. "Danger" - Dark Horse Project
2. "What You See Is What You Get" - Post Stardom Depression (MySpace)
3. "Nowhere Fast" - Transientworld
4. "In This Kiss" - AM and the UV
5. "Sous Marine" - San.drine
6. "A Chinese Actor" - Califone
7. "Bird That Sings" - Seedy Gonzales
8. "Heaven & Earth" - Big Red Button
9. "4-Track Love Song" - The Rosebuds
10. "Bad Bad You, Bad Bad Me" - Stephen Fretwell

Hey, while I'm at it, here's next week's playlist... that way we don't have to watch it.

Bonus playlist: Dirt - 1.02
1. "Five Four" - This Side of North
2. "Welcome to the End" - Celldweller
3. "Voodoo Baby" - Hypnogaja
4. "Blue" - Shrift
5. "Follow" - Lenka

More: Hollywood gossip columnist says "Courtney Cox Dropped the Ball"

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Anonymous said...

I missed this, and it sounds like it was good that I did. Sucks that the show turned out bad. I had high hopes. Hey, did you hear the OC was cnxld? Was in the news this morning.

drake leLane said...

Perhaps it's unfair to judge the series so harshly based only on the pilot, but you'd assume they'd be putting their best foot forward.

As far as The O.C. goes, the ratings were pointing to the inevitable conclusion. CW is rumored to be in line to pick it up for next season, but Schwartz is probably calling it done (as it needs to be.)

I wouldn't have been watching at all this season if it wasn't for my weekly posts on Looks like I can scratch that one off my list (and TIVO/DVR) soon.

xiongtouxin said...

love your blog.
I will really appreciate it if you can show me some information about the music from the oc 409.

drake leLane said...

it's coming up later today (01/05)

Erik said...

Hey!it would be great if you could post some information about the music from episode 409 as someone else also requested!

drake leLane said...

Hey! I did (as I said I would above) on January 5 - Check it!