Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Looking forward to 007

I don't know that I've ever experienced such a crazy messed-up few weeks. The worst weather, getting robbed multiple times, the home remodel from hell, broken finger... and expecting child once again.

Play: "Psychiatric Explorations Of The Fetus With Needles" - The Flaming Lips

That's right, another bundle of joy is on the way (scheduled release date is mid-July) and we're grooming Eli to be a big brother. So we look forward to 2007, and cast an disparaging glance at how much 2006 sucked at the end:

Oct 29 - Move into our basement while we remodel. Sleeping on a blow-up bed next to washer/dryer next to crib next to sofa next to TV, etc.
Oct 30 - Leave for Mexico so our roof can be torn off our house
Nov 8 - Back from Mexico but stormy weather has prevented any work from being done on our house
Nov 9 - Take home pregnancy test to confirm suspicions that we need another bedroom
Nov 10 - Lose a bedroom in remodel due to architect's mismeasurement
Nov 12 - Dishwasher dies horrible death (RIP fair Kenmore)
Nov 14 - Car is stolen from front of house while we sleep
Nov 24 - Thanksgiving. Nothing significant happens for some reason.
Nov 25 - Roof finally comes off house
Nov 26 - It rains buckets, leaking into the house... then it snows... then a windstorm hits as we try to sleep. Our house sounds like it's under attack all night as the roof-tarp is torn apart.
Nov 28 - Our car is apparently found!
Nov 30 - Pictures of our car show that it's been stripped of all the seats, save Eli's baby seat, which the thieves used to drive around with / car totalled (RIP fair Acura)
Dec 7 - Someone steals our contractor's compressor in the night / also steals my REI backpack from our storage shed
Dec 13 - Hurt my finger playing basketball / I assume to be only badly jammed /tape fingers together
Dec 14 - Drive through massive rain storm, through flood waters and stalled cars to meet 2-day old Julia Jasper Koch / come home to basement flooded / mopping and wringing out towels all night is quite painful on finger
Dec 15 - Over a million folks in the area without power (we're spared, miraculously)
Dec 16 - Spend whole day buying car at dealerships with no power (2006 Kia Sportage)
Dec 23-Dec 25 - Spend X-mas with parents, who are apparently sick with the flu / shovel lots of snow with taped finger
Dec 26 - Come back to another flooded basement / work nonstop from 11PM to 3:30AM to keep our sleep area somewhat dry / convinced now that crooked finger is broken
Dec 27 - Eli sick with whatever his grandparents had / cries and coughs all night through New Year
Dec 28 - Ultrasound of baby curiously reveals a much earlier due date then expected / X-ray of my crooked finger reveals broken bone / EMT wonders alound if I hate doctors

So let's welcome 007 to the fold... hope you're better then how your lame ass 006 predecessor went out.


Anonymous said...

2006 was a crap year, but it sounds like you are bringing the best part into 2007 with you! Congrats again! My brother's wife is due July 21st so maybe we will have a race? :-)

drake leLane said...

We thought we were July 20th, but the baby is apparently far too big for that date, so they're thinking the 11th. Not good odds on your end for a race, I'm afraid ;)

You know, my sister's ex-husband's wife is due July 21st as well... for what that's worth!

Anonymous said...

Interesting. I should count back the days and see if there was a holiday or something? heehee... July 21st is also my papa's b-day!

hechter said...

My range of emotions reading the last few months of '06.
Oh no.
Oh No!
Happy '007,

J Shifty said...

Shoosh, I'm coming late to the party, but let me just say Congratulations: on your child, on your fortitude, on your resilience, and on your ability to provide the playlists and words to go with all of it.

Thank you, and cheers!