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Now Downloading: New Releases 04.22.08

I'm a bit torn on whether this is a good week for releases... on the one hand, it's right in my wheelhouse as far as soundtracks go (Flight of the Conchords, latest from Barry Adamson,) but I think on the whole it's too early to tell. Other new releases this week come from Elbow, Tokyo Police Club, Chris Mills, Lyrics Born (poached in last week's post,) Thalia Zedek Band, Billy Bragg The Night Marchers (John Reis of RFTC), Don Cavalli, a collection of mixtape odds and ends from Clipse, and the new single from Scarlett Johansson foray into music.

Playlist: New Releases 04.22.08

Album: Flight of the Conchords - Flight Of The Conchords

Flight of the Conchords - Flight Of The ConchordsThis album seems to serve mostly as a reminder of how funny the HBO comedy series is, as it's essentially a collection of songs mostly as they appeared on the first season. Fans of the act are familiar with many of the songs from their live acoustic act, and on television the transformation of these songs into full blown studio productions wasn't jarring in that the banter before songs was also translated into a full blown fictional setting. Without that visual in your mind, I wonder how these songs would come off? It's hard for me to separate the two, so I'm at a quandary how to judge the album on those merits -- but then again, how many people are going to purchase the album that aren't familiar with the visuals? Bottom line, if you loved the series, you'll love this. If you didn't, I doubt this will change your opinion. If you're completely unaware, Netflix it already.

Full Album Stream from AOL
Download: "Ladies of the World" [mp3]

Album: Barry Adamson - Back to the Cat

Barry Adamson - Back to the CatBarry Adamson's post-punk pedigree (Magazine, Birthday Party, Bad Seeds) always throws people for a loop when paired with a solo career highlighted by soundtrack style compositions. His noir jazz-tinged spoken word work sounds at times like Leonard Cohen if he decided he wanted to compose for James Bond movies. Since his landmark debut, Moss Side Story, this Manchester born bassist has written soundtracks for films that don't exist, inhabiting the space that the music to The Man With the Golden Arm helped create. Back to the Cat is another throwback to that, full of David Holmes grooves and Lynchian darkness (Adamson composed for Lynch's Lost Highway. Song highlights include an Elvis turn for "Spend a Little Time," the obvious single "Walk on Fire," and the nod to Serge Gainsbourg in "Psycho_Sexual." I've been anxiously anticipating this release since Adamson's "Jazz Devil" made an appearance recently on Nip/Tuck, and I have to say I'm not at all disappointed.

Listen to album free at
Download: "Spend a Little Time" / "Walk on Fire" [mp3]

More on the radar this week:
The Replacements Let It Be/Hootenanny/Stink/Sorry Ma Forgot To Take Out the Trash (AOL Stream)
Elbow - The Seldom Seen Kid
Lyrics Born - Everywhere At Once / Free album stream from AOL
Tokyo Police Club - Elephant Shell / Free album stream from AOL
Chris Mills - Living In The Aftermath
Billy Bragg - Mr. Love & Justice / "Nothin 2 Hide [mp3]
The Night Marchers (John Reis of RFTC) - See You In Magic / Free album stream from AOL / "Who's Lady R U" [mp3]
Make Believe - Going to the Bone Church
Thalia Zedek Band - Liars and Prayers / "Lower Allston" [mp3]
Scarlett Johansson - Falling Down (Single) / Free album stream from AOL
Clipse - Re-Up Gang The Saga Continues
El Perro Del Mar - From The Valley To The Stars / "Glory to the World" [mp3]
Don Cavalli - Cryland
Sarandon - Kill Twee Pop! / "Welcome" "Mike's Dollar" [mp3]
Atmosphere - When Life Gives You Lemons, You Paint That Sh*t Gold - Standard Edition
Shelley Short - Water For The Day / "Swimming" [mp3]
Anna Ternheim - Halfway to Fivepoints / "To Be Gone" [mp3]
Malcolm Middleton - Sleight Of Heart
Sleepercar - West Texas
The Young Knives - Superabundance
The Cat Empire - So Many Nights / Free album stream from AOL
Cinematic Orchestra - Live at the Royal Albert Hall
Pyramids - Pyramids
Juno Reactor - Gods & Monsters
Jack Rose - Dr Ragtime & Pals / Self Titled
Spectrum Meets Cpt. Memphis - Indian Giver
Jukebox The Ghost - Let Live and Let Ghosts

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drake leLane said...

New Releases 04.22.08

1. Ladies of the World - Flight Of The Conchords
2. Walk On Fire - Barry Adamson
3. The Bones Of You - Elbow
4. Don't Change - Lyrics Born
5. Graves - Tokyo Police Club
6. Living In The Aftermath - Chris Mills
7. I Almost Killed You - Billy Bragg
8. Just Green Enough - Make Believe
9. Lower Allston - Thalia Zedek Band
10. Falling Down - Scarlett Johansson
11. Coast 2 Coast - Clipse
12. Glory To The World - El Perro Del Mar
13. I'm Going to a River - Don Cavalli
14. Welcome - Sarandon
15. Puppets - Atmosphere
16. Swimming - Shelley Short
17. Bridges - Anna Ternheim
18. Blue Plastic Bags - Malcolm Middleton
19. Wasting My Time - Sleeper Car
20. Fit 4 U - The Young Knives
21. Panama - The Cat Empire
22. Flite - Cinematic Orchestra
23. Igloo - Pyramids
24. Tokyo Dub - Juno Reactor
25. Revolt - Jack Rose
26. Take Your Time - Spectrum
27. Hold It In - Jukebox The Ghost
28. Hideaway - The Weepies
29. Wake Up - Story of the Year
30. With the Right Set of Eyes - Blind Melon
31. Boys - Ashlee Simpson
32. I Feel The Earth Move (Live) - Carole King