Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Lost "Happily Ever After": It's about *time*, Brutha!

The cracks between alterna-world and Island world were bound to get cracked with Desmond finally in the picture again. Widmore's Microwave Cabin sends Desmond psychic sideways, and then it was a greatest hits of parallels from previous Desmond-centric episodes. Unlike with most other sideways passengers, these similarities reveal themselves as cracks in the reality to Desmond, thanks to discussions with Charlie, Eloise and Penny's Brutha-from-another-mother, Daniel. Oh, yeah... and the faint-inducing Penny sideways introduction.

Now Desmond's a man with a plan, working both Island and Sideways worlds with something in mind.

How appropriate was it for Widmore's geek squad to name the rabbit Angstrom? Both a tribute to the John Updike character from the Rabbit Run series, and its scientific definition.

Previously: "Ab Aeterno"

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