Friday, October 28, 2011

Chuck vs Zoom: Rich Man, Poor Man

Hard to believe that was Mark Hamill (pictured above as baddie Jean Claude -- credit NBC).
Chuck is back for it's fifth and final season, and considering how we left things at the end of last season, there's a lot to adapt to. Let's see... Chuck has lost the intersect (again), is married to Sarah and is now rich thanks to the Volkoff fortune. The team was booted from the CIA and is now working freelance. And Morgan is the intersect. It's that last one that had all kinds of promise leading up into the season. The writers had pretty much run out of ideas in keeping the intersect interesting with Chuck's flashes, so now we have someone learning it all over again, this time as a 'zoom.' Initially, the only real change we saw in regards to 'flash' vs 'zoom' was that they had to bring in a different stunt double -- one who got an distracting amount of camera time.

(credit NBC)
While we didn't get to see much of Chuck's cash flush life, I'm glad that he's back to being poor, as not only does it finally bring relevance back to the Buy More (as a necessary profit center to support the team), but it also keeps our Chuck in the 99% -- as much as that might pain Casey (and, similarly, Adam Baldwin).

As much as things have changed, they've pretty much stayed the same as far as the music goes. Teddybears and New Young Pony Club have been staples in the past and pretty much anchor the episode. I'm not sure how much I'll write about this season. I'm in it to the end and I'll post now and then when something's interesting, so maybe we'll see you next week (maybe not).

Playlist: Chuck - Episode 5.01"
1. "Devil's Music (Feat. ADL)" - Teddybears (Morgan attempts to rescue the team)
2. "Ice Cream" - New Young Pony Club (Sarah surprises Chuck in lingerie as an interrogation technique)
3. "Take My Hand and Lead Me Home" - Simian Ghost (Sarah describes her dream house)
4. "Pucho's Descarga" - Pucho & His Latin Soul Brothers (Chuck in the van during a mission)
5. "He Regresado" - En La Palma Orchestra (Morgan dances with Sarah)
6. "The Honest Truth" - Typhoon (Chuck makes his escape)

Previously: "Chuck vs the Cliffhanger" (Episode 4.24)

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Belgie said...

This is the best Stones album of all, and the best album of the 70's. Three things helped it 1) New guitarist Ron Wood injected some life into the band 2) Keith was finally kicking heroin after a decade of abuse 3) Punk rock had come along, and Sex Pistol's lead singer Johnny Rotten--still then a teenager--was slagging the Stones off for being old fogies. The Stones felt the threat of this new musical movement, and felt they had something to prove.