Tuesday, February 28, 2006

He gave up GBV for lent

Play it: Just a few requests for tonight's show

So tonight is Fat Tuesday, and tomorrow's the beginning of Lent. Well... tonight I celebrate by seeing Robert Pollard sing close to 50 songs with a great backing band (guitarist Tommy Keene and Superchunk drummer Jon Wurster, among others.) Since Uncle Bob has another album already in the can awaiting release later this year, and he's got a double-album he's touring in support of, I suspect they'll take up the bulk of the show, but I'll still find myself yelling out a few tunes that I hope he'll play tonight.

* "Do Something Real" (Not in Rhapsody)
* "Subspace Biographies"
* "I'm A Widow"
* "Maggie Turns To Flies"
* "I Expect A Kill" (Not in Rhapsody)
* "Conquerer Of The Moon"
* "Get Under It"
* "Kick Me And Cancel"

More photos (like above) from show in S.F., 2/25/06 (by billyverde)
Concert review from Cat's Cradle (Chapel Hill, NC) 1/27/2006 (Harp)
Set list from that show (gvvdb.com)

2nd Impressions of 2006
Early surprise from Uncle Bob (FaCE review, 11/11/05)
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Aaron said...

You must have been pleased. I left he show early, and I heard almost all of those (with the unfortunate exception of Subspace Biographies.)

drake leLane said...

No "Subspace Biographies" unfortunately... I don't know why they're not playing it on this tour, as it's one his best songs.

I tried to reassemble the setlist from memory in the next post.