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Play it: Robert Pollard / February 28th, 2006 / The Crocodile (approximated setlist)

"Recovering" is the name of the song from From a Compound Eye that Robert Pollard's been using to close out his 'proper' sets, before launching into some GBV classics for the encore. "Recovering" is also the status of nearly all that attended last night's performance at the Crocodile here in Seattle, which was Pollard's last on this leg of the tour.

From looking at previous setlists, I was pleasantly surprised to hear a couple GBV numbers thrown in early on ("Mute Superstar," "Choking Tara") as it appeared from earlier setlists that the GBV contigent would be saved for the encore. Uncle Bob appeared a bit tired (we got no leg kicks until "Gold Star for Robot Boy" in the encore,) possibly because he was favoring tequila over his normal spin beer in air-open beer-chug beer-repeat ritual. He even sat down in the middle of the stage for nearly 3 minutes of the ending to "The Numbered Head."

The highlights of the night, musically, were the amazingly tireless Tommy Keene (who played lead guitar, keyboards, background vocals and even a little harmonica,) and the steady-yet-wild rhythms that drummer Jon Wurster was supplying. I did miss some of the endearing sloppiness of previous lineups, but the power that Keene and Wurster lent the songs was undeniable, and having a keyboard live (very un-GBV) added a nice touch to some of the older tunes ("Don't Stop Now") and felt necessary with much of FaCE's songs. "Conqueror of the Moon" was the track that impressed me the most - the song's textures and interesting changes were a welcome change of pace from much of Pollard's 'hit it and quit it' songwriting approach. Other songs that impressed were some of the songs from the forthcoming album, Normal Happiness. "Get A Faceful" and "Supernatural Car Lover" were both sugary sweet and punchy pop. Speaking of punchy pop, Pollard and Tommy Keane have a project due out this year as well, and they call themselves The Keene Brothers , and Keene himself has a new album coming out this April.

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drake leLane said...

Robert Pollard
02/28/2006, Crocodile Cafe
Approximated Set List:

I Surround You Naked
*Get A Faceful (from forthcoming album Normal Happiness)
Maggie Turns to Flies
Light Show
Mute Superstar
Blessed In An Open Head
*Supernatural Car Lover (from forthcoming album Normal Happiness)
Other Dogs Remain
Choking Tara (Creamy Version)
*Boxing About (from forthcoming album Normal Happiness)
Dancing Girls and Dancing Men
Kick Me and Cancel
Fresh Threats, Salad Shooters And Zip Guns
Conquerer Of The Moon
Hammer In Your Eyes
*Dolphins Of Color (Circus Devils)
US Mustard Company
50 Year Old Baby
*Flowering Orphan
I'm A Strong Lion
The Right Thing
*Serious Birdwoman (You Turn Me On) (from forthcoming album Normal Happiness)
*7th Level Shutdown
A Boy In Motion
Love Is Stonger Than Witchcraft
*Look At Your Life
The Numbered Head
Make Use
I'm A Widow
Get Under It
*Do Something Real
Kingdom Without

Girls of Wild Strawberries
*Gold Star for Robot Boy
Little Lines
Game of Pricks
Sad if I Lost It
My Valuable Hunting Knife
My Kind of Soldier
Don't Stop Now

*not in Rhapsody