Thursday, October 05, 2006

Noise from the borough of homes and churches

Last night Brooklyn invaded the Showbox.

TV On The Radio and Grizzly Bear are bands from that special place where "the next" indie rock superstars seem to grow like mushrooms, Brooklyn NYC.

I've probably written my quota on the virtues of TVOTR, so I'll just say that their live show did not disappoint. Led by the energy of lead singer Tunde Adebimpe, the indie rockers had us in the palm of their hands from note one. "Wolf Like Me" bristled with the kind of energy I've missed at shows lately, and the audience collectively rose up for "Staring at the Sun." When they came on for their last song, fellow Brooklynites and opening act Grizzly Bear joined them onstage for some percussive help and dancing hysteria.

Playlist: TVOTR - Highlights 10/05/2006

Rewinding a bit, I'd like to say that Grizzly Bear's performance was quite impressive, and those that skipped the opening act really missed out on something. GB were able to achieve their freak folk landscapes effortlessly and harmonized with eachother like they've been doing it since conception.

Rhapsody is missing their amazing new album, Yellow House, but to get a nice feel for what they do, check out their rendition of the Yes song "Owner of a Lonely Heart" (from the fine EP from earlier this year, Sorry For the Delay.)

Download: "Knife" from the Grizzly Bear album, Yellow House (Insound)

I'm still recovering from the endless flow of MGD, and thankfully Grizzly Bear provides a nearly perfect soundtrack to my hangover.

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TVOTR live on Letterman

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drake leLane said...

TVOTR - Highlights 10.05.2006

1. Province
2. Let The Devil In
3. Dreams
4. Dirtywhirl
5. Wolf Like Me
6. Hours
7. Blues From Down Here
8. Staring at the Sun
9. I Was A Lover
10. New Health Rock
11. Tonight

Conrad H. Kilroy said...

I was there to support our friend from high school, Chris Taylor.

You may have heard or seen the group nestled to the left of the stage chanting out to chris. That was awesome!

drake leLane said...

I did notice... I was in the bar just above the chants!