Friday, October 06, 2006

Sometimes a fantasy is all you need

Lily AllenBiggest thing musically on Grey's last night was UK pop star Lily Allen getting some play. Her song "Take What You Take" is certainly not one of her best songs (almost sounds like it could be a long lost Spice Girls' track) but it's nice to hear her on 'the telly' just before she hits the states (for the first time) next week on tour. While her album Alright Still isn't due to hit our shores until February 6 of next year (one word: import) she's been all over the music blogosphere (and this blog) for months now.

Elsewhere, Outkast's "Idlewild Blues" aptly backs Meredith's dueling date offers from McDreamy and McVet, which has her quipping, "I'm dating and it comes with snacks!"

This week's episode title ("Sometimes A Fantasy") refers to Billy Joel's classic song from the album Glass Houses. It was my favorite track from that album, and it's refreshing to hear it again.

Title track: "Sometimes a Fantasy" - Billy Joel
1. "Idlewild Blues" - Outkast
2. "Take What You Take" - Lilly Allen
3. "Dirty Mind" - The Pipettes (video)
4. "Step It Up" The Bamboos
5. "Ballad of a Bitter End" - The Poems (myspace)
6. "Can't Get It Right Today" - Joe Purdy (

I missed giving you last week's title song, so here's a belated call out to my beloved Guided By Voices with their song "I Am A Tree."

McGuilty as charged
So pick me, choose me, love me (Grey's Anatomy Season 2 soundtrack/dvd)
See you messed up my mental health (Lily Allen)
Broken beats but break-beat kind of broken drum & bass (Lily Allen video for "LDN")
Smile, you number 1 (Lily Allen)

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