Monday, August 28, 2006


Play it: Entourage - Ep. 312

First of all, congrats to J-Piv for bringing home the hardware last night for his portrayal of superagent Ari on Entourage. Fitting, then, that we see his character getting canned in last night's (sort of*) season finale, all to the tune of Ted Nugent's "Stranglehold."

Now before the boo-hoos and ballyhoos, let it be said that it's pretty obvious that Ari's not gone from the show. The upcoming 8-pack of eps (coming January) is sure to have Ari scrambling to get his meal-ticket back, and if anything, seeing J-Piv grovel as Ari will be worth the HBO sub alone. Add to that the fact that Rex Lee (as Lloyd) was a revelation this season, and it's pretty obvious that Entourage would crumble under it's own 'insiderness' without the Ari/Lloyd act.

Most of last night's action came w/o the aid (or need) of a soundtrack, so the musical moments were sparse, but besides the aforementioned Motor City Madman classic during the firing (and closing credits) there was also a nice moment when the gang all walks into Ari's office, w/ synchronized walk (ala Reservoir Dogs?) to the tune of Kings of Leon's great song "Taper Jean Girl." It marked a return, of sorts, to the camarederie of season 2, where more then a few Kings of Leon tracks backed the action.

*There's actually 8 episodes left in the season, coming in January (courtesy of the Gay Assistants Corps.)

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drake leLane said...

Entourage - Ep 312

* "Campain of Hate" - The Libertines
* "Let It Ride" - Nate Greenberg (not in Rhapsody)
* "Tell Me When To Go" - E-40
* "Move" - Deux Process (Not in Rhapsody)
* "Taper Jean Girl" - Kings Of Leon
* "Stranglehold" - Ted Nugent

Anonymous said...

unfortunately, it looks like those last 8 episodes won't air until march...